Welcome to Raphael Akowe FoundationOur Aims and Objectives

To assist indigent students of the Ekpon community of Edo State acquire qualitative primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Organize and sponsor educational and business symposia, quiz, vocational training and commercial empowerment for women and youth of the Ekpon community of Edo state

Set up and maintain a library for the intellectual development of members of Ekpon community, promote sport and physical health education in the Ekpon community of Edo state.

General welfare of widows and humanity in the Ekpon community of Edo state.

About us

Raphael Akowe Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political and not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of human life in Ekpon Community Edo State, Nigeria. The organisation started out as an individual-initiated project by Raphael Akowe, but became registered with the Corporate Affairs Commision of Nigeria (CAC) in 2018 with registration number CAC/IT/No 108319.

The foundation have been actively involved in education, sports and health.

The foundation is happy to to be involved in this laudable and forward-looking endeavor, and it looks forward into productive and functional partnership with people of like-minds all over the world.

The foundation hopes to be in partnership with all people of goodwill and governments, in assisting people of Ekpon community in helping them to better themselves.


Being an organization that thrives in the upliftment and progressive development of human race, we are hoping to do more for a better society.

We are currently on a mission for the purchase of a bigger field mower machine worth the sum of N1, 500,000.00 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira) to be clearing grass at Ekpon secondary grammar school in Ekpon community, lgueben local government area, Edo state and provisions of hospital beds for patients in various health  centres in Ekpon community, lgueben local government area of Edo state at cost of N5,000,000,00 (Five Million Naira) respectively.

Hence, we use this medium to solicit for your financial support, (no matter how little it is) to our invaluable and esteemed organization; driven by technocrats utilized professionals.

Be rest assured that whatever financial donations made will be judiciously utilized for the benefit of mankind, in conformity with the organization principles and objectives.

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Events & Programmes

Raphael Akowe Foundation Launching of Library and Computer training Centre 2024

Ekpon Community Marathon Race December 2023

Ekpon Community in Edo State, Nigeria, witnessed an exhilarating spectacle as the Raphael Akowe Foundation hosted its annual marathon, a vibrant event that not only promotes fitness but also serves as a catalyst for positive change within the community.

The marathon, organized by the Raphael Akowe Foundation, is a testament to the foundation’s commitment to community development and empowerment. Raphael Akowe, the founder, envisioned an event that not only fosters a culture of health and well-being but also addresses pressing issues within Ekpon Community.

The marathon attracted participants from all walks of life, including seasoned runners, fitness enthusiasts, and community members eager to support the cause. The route spanned across picturesque landscapes, providing both a challenging course for runners and a captivating experience for spectators.

The marathon was not just a physical challenge; it served as a platform for raising awareness about important social issues affecting Ekpon Community. Throughout the event, participants and organizers engaged in discussions on topics such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and community cohesion.

The Raphael Akowe Foundation Annual Marathon has become a staple in Ekpon Community, symbolizing the power of community-led initiatives and the positive change that can be achieved through collective efforts. As the foundation continues its mission, the annual marathon stands as a shining example of how sports, philanthropy, and community engagement can intersect to create lasting impact and improve the quality of life for all.

Highlights of the gifts items distributed to all primary and secondary school in Ekpon community and selected school in Ewossa Secondary

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